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Can I show you how to make money?


Call this number below and hear how CLUB CASH FUND works..

When and if you are interested, please contact me ASAP so you can request your starter kit.  Let me tell you, this is strictly by snail mail so it will take a few weeks, yes I know, but we have to wait to get this going, but I hope that this doesn't stop you from signing up.  

The video below explains a little more about the company...


The Mail Order Business is expensive!!! CLUB CASH FUND is a Brand New inexpensive Mail Order Business whereas the COMPANY does ALL the Mailing for you.  

No Stuffing envelopes unless YOU want to. Works 100% both on and offline. Affordable, simple and easy.

After you send in your money and the company sends you your link to promote,  please Join our CLUB CASH FUND Facebook Group.


To ask for your starter kit, follow the directions here.  

  • Go to this opt in form,  
  •  Diane's Page and fill out your information then click access now,
  •  which goes to my Club Cash Fund Page to request your Starter Kit. 

Any questions go to the contact me tab 

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